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We run a Breakfast Club every morning in the school dining room. The doors open at 7.30 am and close at 8.15am. 


The menu is in line with our vegetarian status and Adventist beliefs. The daily menu typically consists of the following:


  • A choice of cereals – Weetabix, Shreddies or Cornflakes served with non-dairy milk;

  • A choice of fruit juice – apple or orange (no added sugar);

  • Toast or bread wholemeal with low-fat vegetable spread;

  • A choice of jam or honey' 


We intend to vary the menu half-termly and will inform you of any changes later. Please make sure you write any food allergies on the registration form.


Breakfast is available from 7.30 am to 8.15am. Throughout the morning, there are a range of activities for the children to choose from - games, drawing, jigsaws, construction materials like Lego. There will also be the opportunity for them to complete homework or read with an adult if they would like to. The activities will vary each day and we will talk with the children about what they would like to do. Children in years 3 to 6 will be sent into the playground in time to line up with their classes, children in Early Years and years 1 and 2 will be taken to their teachers at the correct time.


Entry to Breakfast Club will be directly through the back door. Once the children have arrived in the dining room they must stay there until it is time for them to line up or be taken to class.


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