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On behalf of the staff and governors, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all children and parents of the school, and also to those beginning their association with Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist School. I am extremely proud and honoured to be the headteacher of this wonderful school and cherish the responsibility that I have been given to assist in the development of our most precious gift - our children. 

The mission of the Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist School is to help each child to receive a balanced intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural, emotional and physical education. This is in harmony with our denominational standards and ideals. With God as the source of all moral value and truth we aspire to prepare our pupils for life.

At Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist School we value our parents and guardians as partners, working in harmony for the benefit of our children.


In order to experience the purposeful and welcoming family atmosphere of our school, we strongly recommend that you visit us during school hours as we guide our pupils with the help of God towards - A More Excellent Way.

Nigel Oram

Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist Primary School Head Teacher

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