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Accessibility Plan 1

Admissions Policy: Birmingham Local Authority 

Admissions Policy: Harper Bell

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy 

Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Disabled Access Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Equality Policy & Objectives

EYFS Policy

First Aid Policy

Gifts, Hospitality and Anti-Bribery

Health and Safety Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education 

Low level Concerns Policy

Mobile Phones Policy 

No Platform Policy 

No Platform Policy 

Religious Education  & Collective Worship Policy

PSHE & Relationships Health Education Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Supporting Pupils in School with Medical Conditions

Uniform Policy

Whistle-blowing and Serious Misconduct Policy  

Working Together to Keep Children Safe in Education

If you would like a paper copy of anything on this page, please see Mrs Dawati in the school office. 

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