Vision, Mission and Values


For all pupils to fulfil their God-given talents and to aspire to achieve a university education. 


To help each child to receive a balanced intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural, emotional and physical education. This is in harmony with our denominational standards and ideals. With God as the source of all moral value and truth we aspire to prepare our pupils for life.


Love, Learning and Laughter 

Evidence of Impact on Pupil Learning 

Ofsted - March 2017 

Pupils behave well in lessons and at other times. They have good attitudes to learning. They enjoy their lessons and are keen to do well.

Pupils feel safe and are very well cared for. Relationships are excellent. Pupils like and trust their teachers and the other adults who work in the school.

Pupils are increasingly confident, mature, articulate and proud of their school.

Evidence of Impact on School Improvement  

Ofsted - March 2017 

All parents who completed Parent View said that the school is well led and well managed. One parent summed up the views of many when they wrote: ‘It has been wonderful witnessing the transformation the school has undergone with the new leadership team in place. This school will now grow from strength to strength and I’m proud to be part of that journey.’

Morale is high in the school. Teachers and other adults form an effective and enthusiastic team that is fully committed to the school’s vision.