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Vision, Mission and Values


For all pupils to fulfil their God-given talents and to aspire to achieve a university education. 


To help each child to receive a balanced intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural, emotional and physical education. This is in harmony with our denominational standards and ideals. With God as the source of all moral value and truth we aspire to prepare our pupils for life.


Love, Learning and Laughter 

Evidence of Impact on Pupil Learning

Ofsted -July 2019

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is very well supported. In their day-to-day learning, pupils develop a secure understanding of respect and why celebrating diversity is important.


Pupils are proud of their achievements. In music, for example, pupils are confident singing in front of different audiences. This helps them become confident in both their learning and when engaging with others.

Evidence of Impact on Pupil Learning

Section 48 -July 2022

The vision and associated values are deeply embedded and strongly grounded in biblical teaching and in Seventh-day Adventist principles. Under the skillful and effective leadership of the headteacher, ably supported by staff at all levels, and governors, they drive continued improvement and future development. They are intrinsic in enabling individuals to flourish within a happy and supportive environment.

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