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There is nowhere quite like Harper Bell! We truly believe that this is a school like no other. A place of immense faith, character, personality and charm. 

We are a school that understands that each child is a gift from God and like any  gift given from the Creator it will to be cherished, loved and protected. This view of your children is underpinned by our values of Love, Learning and Laughter. 


We are committed to playing our role in developing your children into  compassionate and forgiving individuals, able to make a positive contribution to their communities. Able to analyse the world and know what is  right from what is wrong. 


We are committed to educating  our children to the highest standards not solely in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science, but also to gain knowledge, understanding and a respect for their own and other cultures, with an appreciation of the arts and the joy that they brings to us all.


We are committed to ensuring that your children are safeguarding, both in and away from school. We will always hear the voices of our children and act in their best interest, caring and supporting them always.


And we are committed to families. We are here  for you. 


We are Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist School. 

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